3 Great Reasons to Have a Net Zero Home

Sustainability is fast becoming a priority among homeowners and businesses. The concept of Net Zero—or Zero Energy Ready homes—is becoming popular, as well. The US Department of Energy defines these as home that are so energy-efficient that renewable energy sources can do away with reliance on traditional sources of power.

3 Great Reasons to Have a Net Zero Home

Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the top residential window contractor in Davis, CA, looks at three reasons this matters to you.

1. Net Zero is readily available.

The beauty of Net Zero lies in its simplicity. It does not require futuristic technologies that are priced out of reach. In fact, you can achieve Net Zero through our windows. All components of our windows are made from two innovative recycled materials: Fibrex® and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. The former comes from reclaimed wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer. The latter comes from glass from older windows. These two components lower the production and manufacturing costs considerably.

2. Net Zero fits all market segments.

Whether you have a large home or a small one, everyone wants comfort. This is possible through temperature regulation. With Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento’s window materials, you get excellent thermal regulation characteristics—700 times better than aluminum. This also lessens you dependence on artificial climate control for your home. Naturally, this also results in lowered energy spending monthly.

3. Net Zero looks as good as it is

With our windows, you can be part of a green initiative that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Whether you get an elegant bay windows or casement windows in Davis, CA, you can be sure that these will look good. Beauty meets functionality is the guiding philosophy for Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento’s drive towards a truly sustainable home.

If you are looking to join us in setting the standard for sustainability or simply want windows that work for you, we are the people to hire. We carry some of the best windows in the business. All these come in beautiful styles and sizes to fit your every need. Call Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento today at (916) 389-2000 and we will start you off with a free in-house estimate.