3 Great Ways to Combine Patio Doors and Windows

Windows and patio doors are highly visible design elements that help your home make a bigger impression. They look good on their own, but they’re even better when you pair them with each other. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the leading residential window contractor in the area, shares how to create a lovely focal point in your home with a patio door and window combination.

1. Keep it modern with a sliding glass door and picture windows. This pairing is just perfect–both sliding glass patio doors and picture windows come with slim frames and an expansive glass area. Together, they can give your home a sleek, contemporary look. But that’s not all–when you use large, undivided picture windows to flank the side of your glass patio doors, they create a wall of glass that seamlessly connects your interiors with your outdoor spaces.

2. Enjoy the traditional with a hinged French patio door and casement windows. Elegance and classic good looks make up this combination. The simple and neat design of hinged French patio doors and casement windows thoroughly adds to the vintage look of a Colonial, Craftsman or Farmhouse home. But aside from aesthetics, you can also use this combo to increase your home’s functionality. Why not consider having comfortable seats installed in that lovely spot next to the French door, and right underneath the casements? This allows you to enjoy the outdoors without actually stepping out of your home.

3. Create the best effect with French doors and specialty windows. Take a look at that negative wall space above your French patio door? You can actually use that to create an instant focal point in your home–just add a couple of specialty windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento. They are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, from chord and circle top, to octagon and triangle, allowing for different design possibilities.

Aside from casement, picture and specialty windows, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento also offers top-tier French and sliding glass patio doors. All are designed for effortless beauty and superior, long-lasting performance. We proudly serve Sacramento, CA, and the rest of Northern California. Call us today at (916) 779-5800 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.