3 Things You’ll Love about Installing White Patio Doors

According to experts, white technically isn’t a color, just the lack of it. What it doesn’t lack, however, is design opportunities! White is such a fun color to play with that you’re wont to incorporate it in a variety of design elements in your home.

3 Things You’ll Love about Installing White Patio DoorsHow do white patio doors in Roseville, CA, sound to you? Here are three reasons this idea can work:

1. White is soothing.

People often associate lighter colors with relaxation. These are pleasing to the eye and give the impression of cleanliness. Spending time inside a room with light sea-green walls, warm gray furniture, and white drapes, for example, can work magic on your senses. Rounding it out with white patio doors could turn your living room into a completely calming haven.

2. White is versatile.

White is one of the few colors that you could actually say are classic. It blends in so well with traditionally styled interiors and architecture. Pair it with deep reds or bright gold and you get a royal elegance that works wonders for Victorian or Queen Anne homes, for example.

White will also look great for modern living spaces and exteriors. It’s actually an important and recurring element of contemporary style. Many minimalistic homes today sport the basic light-dark design, with white as the dominant color. There’s something so sophisticated about its simplicity that makes it work on so many home designs.

3. White is interesting.

White isn’t boring. In fact, there are several ways to use white to make your interiors come to life. For example, you can go with the classic black-and-white themed living room, with white sliding French doors in in Roseville, CA, leading up to your patio or garden. White draws the eye in, with black providing a lovely muted background.

Feel free to go for the white-on-white look! The key to this one-color scheme is using different shades and undertones. If you have creamy white walls, a patio door with soft white interior framing would look great next to them. For the rest of the room’s elements, play with gray, warm, antique, or vanilla undertones for a consistent yet subtly diverse beauty.

Keep in mind that not all companies carry and install white interior and exterior finish on patio doors. Good thing Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento is one of the few that do. For more tips on using these units to style your home, feel free to talk to us at (916) 389-2000 today.