3 Ways Fibrex® Is Better Than Vinyl

Say you want to replace your windows. One of the first things most people do is to find a contractor. While this is indeed a wise course of action, you should also think about material. The best installation is going to be for naught if your windows are made of subpar materials, after all.

In most replacement windows (even hinged or sliding French doors), one of the most popular materials is vinyl. However, at Renewal by Andersen®, we use a completely different, superior material called Fibrex®. Here are some advantages of Fibrex over vinyl.


Fibrex can withstand your local area’s toughest weather conditions, which makes it particularly useful for areas with fluctuating weather patterns. An area with extreme swings of hot and cold makes window frames contract and expand, which will wear it out sooner rather than later. Fibrex is immune to these changes. For example, vinyl tends to warp at high temperatures, but Fibrex doesn’t.


Your windows, and by extension, your doors (including hinged French doors) are practically holes set into your walls. By this logic, if your windows and doors aren’t sealed tight, they leak interior heat outside, which will bleed your heating unit and cause increased energy bills. Fibrex insulates better than vinyl, similar to wood, but without the weaknesses associated with wood. It’s lighter and cheaper than wood, too.

Better Views

Unlike vinyl whose strength-to-size ratio is fairly small, Fibrex can hold your windows in place while requiring only a fraction of the size. This means that we can keep Fibrex frames slimmer, providing you great views of the outside, while keeping the window as secure as any other frame could.

Only Renewal by Andersen can work with the best materials for windows and patio doors in the business, and one of our crowning achievements is Fibrex. Let’s talk all about what it can do for you when you call Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento today. You can reach us at (916) 779-5800 for residents of Roseville, CA, and nearby areas.