3 Ways We Help You Get Better Windows & Doors

Unless you stay on top of the remodeling market, it can difficult to determine exactly what kind of door or window will be best for your home. Your best bet is turning to a reliable company carrying a diverse range of replacement unit options: Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento. We can help you figure out which is right for your home. Here’s how we do it:

3 Ways We Help You Get Better Windows & Doors1. A Handy Gallery

We have created an informative and user-friendly website you can turn to when doing research on your next project. If your home remodeling in Sacramento, CA, requires you to replace your old doors and windows with something better, our online Picture Gallery is the first place you should look. We have some of our very best work on display to give you an idea how our units look installed in actual homes.

2. A Cutting-Edge Visualizer

We also set up an innovative Visualizer page that allows you to experiment with different door and window styles on various home templates. You can even upload pictures of your own home to preview how the windows or doors will look before you get them. There’s a chance you’ll come across a design that you haven’t considered, but looks fabulous on your home!

3. A Thorough Consultation

The best way we can assist you through your window or door selection process is with a face-to-face appointment. Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento is always pleased to schedule a free in-home consultation with you. We’ll discuss the specifics of each product we carry to help you better understand your options. We can also make suggestions to ensure you get the best Sacramento doors and windows for your home.

Get in touch with us at (916) 389-2000 to start your replacement project!