4 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Should Stop

While the average lifespan of residential windows is 15 to 30 years, some windows experience persistent problems like drafts and condensation and do not last as long as expected due to poor maintenance practices. In this article, Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, a premier source of custom-built and specialty windows, talks about four window maintenance habits you need to quit right away.

bad window maintenance habits

  1. Leaving the window coverings down. In the cold, freezing winter, condensation is the most common complaint that window specialists hear about. While keeping curtains, drapes, blinds or shades down will not automatically cause condensation to form on a window, it does trap moisture near the unit and hinder airflow. This can lead to mold and rot. Instead, keep the window covering raised so it rests above the bottom of the window sill.

  2. Failing to clean the tracks. If you are having a difficult time gliding a sliding window or patio door or cranking your casement windows open, take a look at the space where the sash meets the frame. When tracks are congested with dirt and debris, pitting and corrosion will most likely occur. Make sure to clean the tracks along with other parts of the windows to prevent this problem.

  3. Forgetting to lock the windows. Windows work most efficiently when locked. Because it tightens the seal between the weatherstrip and sash, it helps eliminate the presence of drafts and outside noise. When windows are closed but not locked, they may allow moisture to transfer between the indoor and outdoor space, which will appear as condensation.

  4. Being careless when washing your exterior. When it is time to clean your exterior, you have to be careful when washing areas near your windows. The pressure of a high-powered hose and acid found in cleaning solutions can weaken a window’s seal, leading to fogginess between the panes of glass.

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