4 Factors That Influence the Cost of Window Replacement

Window replacement is a good investment for your home. However, shopping for new windows can be stressful. It’s challenging to shop for windows when you have several things to consider. You have to think about what your home needs while staying on budget. To help you plan for your window replacement shopping, it’s best to be familiar with the factors that affect the cost of windows. In this article, windows contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento shares four factors that influence the cost of window replacement.

4 Factors That Influence the Cost of Window Replacement

  1. Type of Installation

Window installation depending on workmanship and type will affect the cost of your new windows. Insert replacement costs less because only the window will be replaced. Meanwhile, full-frame replacement will cost up to 15% more than an insert project.

  1. Frame Material

The cost of the material of your window’s frame also varies. There are so many options to choose from but it’s best to consider what you need within your budget. Wood and fiberglass are expensive frame materials. For more viable options, vinyl is popular for low maintenance and durability. Most of the expensive materials are high maintenance, leading to additional costs.

  1. Type of Glass

The size and quality of the glass in windows also affect its cost. Windows with more (and wider) glass panes, like picture windows, are typically more expensive. That said, their higher energy-efficient values are well worth the investment. With their energy and money-saving values, your home’s interior will be more comfortable.

  1. Type of Window

If your windows are oddly shaped and styled, they would cost you more. It takes more time and skill to install specialty and styled windows than mass-produced windows. The shapes and quantity matter too, like for bay and bow windows that are more expensive than casement or awning windows. The more complicated the style and shape are, the more expensive the new windows would be.

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