4 Fall Window Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

Fall in California is relatively mild, which makes it the perfect time to perform some home maintenance. A few household tasks make sense at this time of year, including window cleaning. It is a lot of work, sure, but it can be rewarding once you’re done. 

4 Fall Window Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are four important fall window maintenance tips to consider doing.

1. Clean Your Windows

Start by getting rid of the dirt and debris from the window frame. This keeps the windows from becoming muddy when you wash them. When the windows are dust-free, spritz them with a moderate cleaning solution and wipe them down with a soft cloth. Also, clean your windows when it’s cloudy outside. Doing so when the sun’s directly overhead causes the cleaning solution to dry too rapidly, leaving stains on the glass and frames.

2. Get Better Window Insulation

Make sure to look for gaps and other openings within your windows. If you come across any, close them up right away. This helps in preventing air leakage and guarantees that expensive heating energy is kept inside your home.

3. Inspect the Window Hardware Parts

You should carefully check for any evidence of wear and tear on window parts including the locks, hinges, operators and rollers. Apply dry lubrication to them if they are in good condition to ensure easy operation. To shield the hardware components from the weather, use a lubricant with corrosion inhibitors.

4. Deal With Window Concerns Promptly

Do you have trouble opening, closing or locking the windows? Immediately addressing these issues will increase the security of your property and seal off drafts that could be a nuisance. When a hardware or locking mechanism fails, it’s usually only a matter of replacing it. However, the window may be misaligned, in which case you should contact a reliable local contractor for repair assistance.

Consider Window Replacement

Sometimes, cleaning and maintaining your windows isn’t enough to keep them working well and looking good. It’s time to think about replacing them if they don’t insulate your home well enough anymore, are getting too tight to swing or slide open, or are already broken or have damaged frames. Investing in new windows offers numerous benefits, from better operation and enhanced curb appeal to increased home values and improved energy efficiency.

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