4 Fun Facts About Windows

People give their windows nary a thought once they’re installed. For the most part, a window unit that its owners forget are arguably doing their jobs. Some windows are so clear, even, that people didn’t know that they were looking at clear glass!
Partly, though, our window installers at Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento think that appreciating windows more is appreciating some of the more interesting facts this side of modern living. In today’s post, we discuss some fun facts you may not know about windows.

  1. The Romans Pioneered Glazing

Not only were Romans great builders—their aqueducts in Europe still stand today—but they also pioneered the use of glazing in windows. Prior to this, windows were essentially holes in the wall. They got the idea of using glass for their windows from ancient Egyptian glass-blowing techniques and employed glass for insulation and security, not views.

  1. “Wind Eye”

The English word “window” came from the Old Norse term “vindauga”, which meant wind eye, literally. The English word shares phonetic similarities with other Nordic languages, like the Swedish vindöga and the Danish vindue.

Meanwhile, the Old English form of window literally translates to “eye-hole” or “eye-door”. They certainly wouldn’t mind what modern double hung windows look like!

  1. How Many Windows Do You Need?

Some interesting facts about the number of windows. The White House has 147 windows, while Buckingham Palace in the U.K. has 760. These are all paltry in comparison, however, to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which hosts a whopping total of 34,348 windows.

  1. Old School Cool

Stained glass has been a staple of churches and cathedrals, but did you know that the medieval way of manufacturing them is still practiced today? It’s as they say with things not broken!

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