4 Steps to Repair Window Rot Caused by Condensation

Rot detracts from the beauty and elegance of most wooden fixtures, including windows. Most of the time, it is a result of condensation on the window glass. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to correct this problem. Local residential window contractor Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento discusses them one by one in today’s article.

Removing Rot from Wood

Before you perform the repair, make sure that you do this when the weather is dry. Allow damp wood to dry fully before you remove the rot from it. Once this is done, drill a series of holes throughout the rotted area using a ¼-inch bit. Holes should be an inch apart and angled slightly downward.

Using the Epoxy and Wood Filler

A liquid epoxy consolidant is used to fill up the holes you’ve created on the rotten casement windows. This product usually involves combining two ingredients in a squeeze bottle. The wood filler, meanwhile, is used to shape the wood back to its original dimension. It also has two substances that are stirred together.

Applying the Wood Filler

Put the wood filler inside the holes, shaping it to the look of the window frame. Leave it out to dry, with the length of time depending on the weather. If the weather is warm, you can dry it for four hours. Otherwise, leave the treated wood window to dry overnight.

Sanding the Wood

Excess filler can be removed using sandpaper until you achieve the desired shape. Begin sanding using an 80-grit sandpaper, then switch to a higher grit to smoothen further. Once done, you can either paint or stain depending on how the whole window is treated.

Should rot be apparent in the sills or trim, consider replacing the affected window. For specialty windows and other window styles, turn to Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento. Our window products are made of Fibrex®, a composite framing material that combines the strength of wood and the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. Its durable composition makes it impervious to rot.

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