5 Mistakes Good Window Installers Don’t Make

One of the disadvantages of buying window products in standard sizes is the increased likelihood of workmanship errors. Even if you don’t install your new units on your own, an installer that doesn’t specialize in certain products is prone to making costly mistakes.

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Below are five of the blunders experienced installers of custom-built windows don’t commit.

  1. Miscalculating Openings

The true measurements of rough openings should take design elements, such as attached jambs and window sills, as well as interior wall materials into account. Missing one variable could affect the suitability of a window for an opening.

  1. Not Replacing Bad Jambs

Assessing the condition of all openings is key to determining the right installation method to use when putting in casement, sliding and double-hung windows.

It takes advanced skill to spot signs of frame damage. That’s why inept installers tend to incorrectly choose insert replacement. This method leaves the existing construction alone, which allows structurally unsound jambs to remain in place and continue deteriorating.

  1. Forgetting About Sloped Sills

Every sill must have the proper pitch to let the water drain instead of allowing it to collect near the window and penetrate the inside of the house.

  1. Using Spray Foam Excessively

Spray foam fills the cavity around the frame, preventing moisture infiltration and contributing to insulation. Dispensing too much of this substance could cause window frame distortion.

  1. Smearing Finished Areas With Substances

Wearing gloves is necessary to keep bow, bay, specialty and picture windows free from stains. Without a healthy regard for cleanliness, a careless installer might soil your units when applying sealant or spray foam.

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