5 Summer Window Care Tips

With the summer season fast approaching, some homeowners are making plans to maintain their homes. This can be accomplished through various ways such as cleaning your siding, replacing your windows or even trimming your lawn. While these are all good ways to maintain your home, there is another way you can maintain your home: cleaning your windows.

Here, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the pros in installing casement windows, lists five summer window care tips that you can follow.


1. Remove the Debris – If you aren’t paying much attention to your window sills, it’s possible for debris to build up as time goes by. If you have sliding windows, this could be a problem as it can prevent your windows from shutting tightly as it should, making them less efficient. With that in mind, be sure to remove any and all debris from your window sills to make the window more efficient and cleaner.

2. Clean Your Windows – Another way you can care for your windows this summer is by cleaning your windows inside and out. By doing so, not only will you remove any dirt and debris caught on your windows but it can also increase its lifespan. To clean your windows, you’ll first need to create a cleaning solution by mixing soap, water and a window cleaner before cleaning your windows from top to bottom. Once you’ve done so, remove the cleaner to prevent streaking and glare and dry the window and sills afterwards.

3. Check for Leaks – Alternatively, be sure to also examine your windows for signs of leaks. If your windows exhibit signs of leakage, avoid ignoring it as it can lead to risk of mold and mildew growth around your home. Therefore, if your windows are leaking, be sure to enlist the services of a residential window contractor immediately to repair or replace them.

4. Check the Caulking – Apart from leaks, experts recommend that you check the window caulking as well as it can deteriorate over time. As they serve as a barrier in the spaces between your windows and siding, a deteriorated caulking can easily cause your bills to spike up due to the reduced energy efficiency of your windows.

5. Inspect the Weatherstripping – On the other hand, since you’re already maintaining your windows, be sure to have the weatherstripping inspected as well. This is because like the caulking, your window’s weatherstripping can deteriorate over time and cause your home’s energy efficiency to decrease. This can cause your energy bills to increase as a result as your HVAC unit will have to work harder to make your home more comfortable.

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