5 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

5 ways to increase natural light in your home

Whether it’s summer at your vacation house or winter back at home, there’s nothing like natural light to brighten a room. Not only does properly filtered natural light enlarge the size of a room, but it also enhances the aesthetic of furniture and room accents—not to mention bringing happiness and cheer into your home! Here are five ways to increase natural light in any part of your house, from the front entryway to the top floor.

5 ways to increase natural light in your home

1. Replace Your Old Windows To Increase Natural Light

 First things first, take a minute to evaluate the existing natural light in each room of your house. Do some rooms shine more than others? If so, consider scheduling a free, in-home consultation to get an idea of the various ways replacement windows will filter natural light in at all the right angles. And while kitchens and living rooms are more conventional spaces for replacing and enlarging existing windows, don’t forget the light potential if you were to replace bedroom and bathroom windows that are worn down by condensation, drafts and leaks.

2. Paint the Walls a Lighter Color

 A new coat of paint can truly transform any room in your home. By selecting paint colors that are lighter than the current shades on your walls, rooms will not only look brighter, but will also appear larger! In addition to creating lighter, more welcoming space, painting the walls will also help your furniture and room accents pop. And if you’re only looking to make a slight change, consider painting an accent wall instead of the whole room.

5 ways to increase natural light in your home

3. Install Exterior Sliding Doors

Another great way to bring warmth and natural light into your home is by replacing your current doors with glass or sliding doors leading outside. Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento’s sliding doors maintain their opening and closing functionality for decades, relieving you of the frustration and anxiety that come with poorly sliding and unsafe doors. In addition, it’s easy to customize door additions leading out from the kitchen, living room or even back porch.

4. Install Interior French Doors

Increase natural light flowing through your interior rooms by replacing your current doors with hinged glass or French doors. This option showcases an elegant, iconic style and can easily be built into a variety of spaces throughout your home. By allowing a vast amount of light to pass through entryways, bedrooms and hallways, these fully customized doors compliment your aesthetic style and functional needs without sacrificing quality or safety.

5. Hang a Large Mirror

Mirrors are one of the easiest home additions for increasing the amount of natural light in a given room as well as making your room appear larger. In addition to enhancing the space in your home, they reflect the natural light throughout the day, especially if placed across from glass doors or windows. Hanging a large mirror in a dark room—across from a light source—will definitely spread more light throughout your house.

At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, our customers are at the heart of what we do. From our professional window installers up to our CEO, we welcome the opportunity to step into your home and help you achieve all that you envision—including helping you increase natural light in your home! By hiring passionate window experts who exceed the expectations of homeowners, our quality of service ranks second to none in the window and door home replacement industry.