A Guide to Choosing the Best Windows for Summer

Energy-efficient windows can improve indoor temperature and help you save on your monthly energy bills. If you have old, drafty windows, consider replacing them this summer. The best windows for summer should allow plenty of fresh air to combat the heat and provide large amounts of natural light. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento shares a helpful guide to help you choose the best windows for summertime and all year.  

A Guide to Choosing the Best Windows for Summer

What Window Styles Are Best for Summer?

Many homeowners prefer a window style that maximizes ventilation and natural light. Here are some styles to consider:

  • Awning windows. These energy-efficient windows are beautiful and functional. Because these windows open from the bottom and create a protective awning for privacy, they are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to their easy maintenance and sustainable energy features, you can rest assured that they are a good choice.  

  • Double-hung windows. At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, our double-hung windows are designed with a durable Fibrex® frame, making them a great choice for energy efficiency and panoramic views. They provide natural ventilation and easy maintenance. You can even customize your windows with our wide array of colors, hardware and finishes. 

  • Casement windows. These windows open outward by turning a single-hand crank. For this reason, most people install them in hard-to-reach openings. With minimal framing, this window style can be hinged from the right or left and offers full ventilation to combat the summer heat. 

What Window Features Should You Choose?

This summer, make sure to look for low-emissivity coating as well as double- and triple-pane glass windows. The low-E coating helps make the most of sunlight and allows natural light to pass through. As such, low-E glass is great at maintaining temperature and reducing cooling costs. Double- and triple-pane windows, on the other hand, preserve the temperature inside the house better than single-pane windows. Between the panes of glass is an insulating gas, which acts as a barrier against the heat outside. These energy-efficient windows are not only essential during summer but also in winter, reducing your cooling and heating bills all year round. 

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