A Look at Your Window’s Overall Energy Performance

Wanting better windows is easy. Knowing what makes a unit great is a bit harder. It helps to remember that a window is more than just a sum of its many parts. Its overall energy performance actually hinges on three important factors: frame, glass, and installation.

A Look at Your Window’s Overall Energy Performance


On Sacramento doors and windows, the frames can be built from a wide selection of materials. Wood used to be a traditional choice, but it offers limited insulation once it starts to warp, crack, or rot. Vinyl insulates just fine, but not as well as other materials.

You’re better off with composites, which mimic the strength and thermal properties of wood without its vulnerabilities. Fibrex® by Renewal by Andersen®, for example, resists corrosion, pitting, and deterioration even under extreme temperatures—a great choice for homes in California.

Looking Glass

Great frames help with insulation, but much of the energy efficiency of the unit also comes from the glass. Inefficient options contribute to heat loss or buildup inside the home. You need to upgrade to a better one to improve indoor comfort.

We recommend getting windows with low-emissivity coating on the glass. The more layers of coating it has, the better. These reflective layers bounce back heat. Spectrally selective coatings, like the ones found in Renewal by Andersen High-Performance™ glass, also let in optimal light and views without sacrificing insulation.

Work of Art

A window’s energy efficiency is not complete with just an insulating frame and energy-efficient glass. You need to add superb installation to the equation as well. After all, the unit won’t function properly if placed inside the wall opening haphazardly.

Long-term performance and longevity depends greatly on the manner of installation. That’s why you need to work only with experts who know how to properly handle a window project. If you’re from the California area, your best bet is Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento.

We take the three components of energy performance seriously when doing home remodeling in Sacramento, CA. We don’t just aim to bring you quality frame and glass. We also make sure to have the right skills and techniques to install them for your home.

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