A Quieter Home With Renewal by Andersen® Windows

Your home is a sanctuary and a refuge. It’s where you recharge for another day of challenges and adventures. It’s where you pause and relax, after a long day of work. But then, it can be difficult to focus on staying calm when you can still clearly hear the world outside. Every honk, every bark, and every tiny noise can be a big bother, especially when you’re trying to get a much-deserved rest.

A Quieter Home With Renewal by Andersen® Windows

Renewal by Andersen® doesn’t want you to deal with this kind of stress every day. That is why apart from creating beautifully designed products, they also made sure their windows can effectively reduce the external noise coming into your home.

If you’re looking for replacement windows, you might want to invest in windows that can give you peace and quiet. Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento shares more information on how their windows cut down noise.

How Does Renewal by Andersen Windows Reduce External Noise?

All Renewal by Andersen windows come with Andersen High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, which is specially designed to reduce the level of sound that penetrates your home. This impact-resistant glass is paired with a PVB interlayer, which has a different density from the glass allowing it to break up the sound waves coming from outside.

Are the Noise-Reducing Windows Really Effective?

Whether you’re simply looking for new windows or you’re about to start a home remodeling project, taking note of STC ratings would benefit you.

Renewal by Andersen’s 400 window series, for instance, has an STC rating of 34. STC, or Sound Transmission Class, is a rating system that measures the amount of sound prevented by a particular thing. In the case of windows, STC ratings typically range from 18 to 38 where the higher point value means a higher percentage of noise reduction. With the STC rating of Renewal by Andersen windows, you can definitely count on having a good night’s sleep every night.

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