Best Window Options for Kitchens

Like patio doors, windows can be used to address specific needs. If you’re looking for the best window options for your kitchen then, you can easily narrow down your choices by knowing exactly what you want to take care of.

If You Want Operation Ease…

You can’t go wrong with casement or sliding windows. Both are easy enough to use to allow one-handed operation, making them ideal for a room as busy as a kitchen. This operation ease also makes them great for hard-to-reach areas like over sinks and counters.

If You Want a Lot of Natural Light…

Consider picture or sliding windows. With their expansive glass areas, picture and sliding windows can easily let natural light in, providing kitchens with abundant illumination during the day. As a bonus, they can also let in outdoor views, helping seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor living spaces in your home like sliding French doors.

If You Want Flexible Ventilation Control…

Get a casement or double-hung window. Proper ventilation is crucial in kitchens because the room can get humid with all the cooking being done in it. Not to mention all the smells that go with that. For this purpose, casement or double-hung windows are ideal, with casements allowing you to angle sashes to direct breezes in while double-hungs can have sashes placed in the middle to let in fresh air from the bottom and let out warm, stale air from the top.

Need Help Choosing a Kitchen Window?

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