Can Strong Winds Damage Window Seals?

Installing windows is a large investment for any residential structure. A well-constructed and energy-efficient window unit can help your interior home stay cool even during the dog days of summer, making your living experience more relaxed and comfortable. However, it is also important to observe regular maintenance so your windows can remain functional until the end of their lifespan.

If your windows are starting to look foggy, then your window seals have failed. A lot of homeowners think that strong, high winds are the main culprit of window seal failure. Read below to find out if wind can permanently damage window seals.

Strong Winds Damage Window Sealing

What Is the Purpose of Window Seals?

Due to modern technologies, windows are stronger and more energy-efficient than ever. One way to achieve this feat is to utilize double- or triple-pane windows — types of window units that are enclosed with seals to ensure an airtight fit. According to a double-hung windows installer, the spaces between the panes of glass are filled with argon or krypton gas to improve insulation.

Why Do Windows Seals Fail?

Over time, exposure to varying elements will take a toll on your window seals. Constant changes in temperature throughout the day will force the gas inside multi-pane windows to expand and contract. This process called “solar pumping” strains the seals between the glass, causing small fractures and leaks. This leads to seal failure and fogginess on window panes.

Wind, together with wind-driven debris, is often the final blow to damaged seals. Although it plays a role in the breakdown of your windows, wind is not the sole reason for window seal failure.

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