Clear Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows

Your windows provide ventilation and protect your home from the weather. Moreover, these contribute to energy efficiency and act as an important design element. That’s why it’s important for your home to have high quality, fully functional windows. If you suspect that these are no longer performing well, then it’s time for a replacement.

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Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento talks about the top signs you need to replace your window.

There’s Condensation between Glass Panes

Condensation forming between your windowpanes means that the window is no longer insulating your home. The insulating gas has leaked out and moisture has invaded, reducing your home’s energy efficiency and increasing your utility bills. It’s time to call us for your replacement windows in Sacramento, CA. We specially construct our windows to create a weathertight seal for your home. This will increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce the risk of condensation forming.

You Feel a Draft near the Window

Drafts are another great way to check if your windows are functioning. If you feel a draft, it means there’s an air leak. This makes it harder for your utilities to keep you comfortable, increasing your home’s energy consumption. Renewal by Andersen manufactures our windows from our innovative Fibrex® material. This won’t chip, rot, corrode, crack, or blister. Fibrex frames also stay stable under temperature changes. These qualities reduce the chance of air leaks forming.

The Window is Hard to Operate

If your windows are hard to operate, then it’s time to replace them. Essential components might be broken, or your window might be suffering from rot and rust. Double hungs, in particular, suffer from balance problems as they age. Our double hung windows in Sacramento feature a high level of quality due to our manufacturing process. You can be certain that our replacement windows will stay reliable for many years in the future.

Our replacement windows are durable, energy-efficient, and will give you many years of reliable performance. Combined with our high quality replacement windows, we’ll also provide you with a stress-free window replacement process. We’ll listen to all your needs and concerns, custom-build your replacement windows, and arrive on schedule for your window replacement.

Give us a call to learn more about our windows or if you’d like to schedule a free in-home consultation.