Daylighting Techniques Involving Windows

You can get significant energy savings through daylighting, or illuminating your interior by natural methods. For instance, using your windows to brighten up a room instead of switching on a light bulb. However, more natural light doesn’t always translate to savings. Control also matters because too much natural light can lead to glare, hot spots and sharp shadow lines.

Here are daylighting tips involving windows from the area’s trusted home remodeling expert.

No to Glare

Glare can make it harder for you to watch the television or use the computer. Homeowners tend to close their curtains or blinds when there’s glare, eliminating daylighting benefits. To eliminate glare, daylight should be collected and redirected upward and deep into the space. You can achieve this by using daylight redirecting devices in the upper portion of your windows and lowering blinds or shades. For instance, the top part of the window can have a daylight redirecting device that reflects natural light to the ceiling while the lower part can have blinds to balance the sunlight.

Proper Distribution

When it comes to effective daylighting, you must consider the location and orientation of your home as well as the kind of glass used on the windows. Good daylighting means properly distributing a generous amount of diffused natural light into your interior. When getting replacement windows, pay attention to the visible light transmission rating of the glazing and select a product that allows the most light while still controlling solar heat gain and glare.

Changes in Your Home

Simple home improvements can improve the flow of natural light into your interior. Open floor plans and arranging your furniture can ensure that light can freely enter your space. Anti-glare finishes and translucent glass partitions can also help deflect sunlight without creating hot spots and glare.

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