Deciding on Your Window Frame Material is Important

As homeowners, part of a home improvement project is researching for quality materials to use that will improve the beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home. After all, a home improvement project is expensive and what use are materials if they aren’t any better than what’s being replaced? This is especially true if a home improvement project serves as an important part in the comfort and safety of your home – like windows.

In a town like Davis in California, a strong and stable window framing material is perfect for the year-round Mediterranean climate.  Since thick fog blankets the area during late fall and winter, having a quality framing material would greatly reduce the chances of rot, mold, and seal failure due to moisture.
Consider this explanation from on how Davis, California CA specialty windows are affected by the conditions in the area:

There is no simple rating or absolute guarantee of the durability of a window. You may want to study the design and workmanship of the window and rely on recommendations from others who have used similar products. The advice of experienced architects and builders can be helpful. As with other products, warranties can be an indicator of the reliability of the window and its manufacturer. Durability may vary with location; for example, some materials are degraded by salt near the ocean.

These aspects of window durability deserve special attention:

• frame and sashes;
• insulating glass seals;
• weatherstripping;
• and local requirements for structural integrity.

Evidently, there are many aspects to consider when deciding what window framing material is right for your home. But first, find a residential window company in Davis, California like Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento that is familiar with the area.

Homeowners typically choose wood for its natural-insulating capacity and durability. On the other hand, vinyl as siding material can easily be cleaned and needs no re-painting. Aluminum is more expensive than the aforementioned materials, but is more resistant to damage.

Andersen Corporation’s revolutionary Fibrex® material offers the strength and insulating value of wood, with the low maintenance features of vinyl. Fibrex material does not require painting and will not crack, pit, corrode, or rot.*

And, because Fibrex® material is strong and stable, frames are made narrower providing for more glass, more light, and more view.

You can trust the beauty, value, and performance of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows for years to come.

(Article Excerpt from Guidance on Window Durability, Efficient Windows Collaborative, n.d.)

*See the Renewal by Andersen® 20/2/10 Limited Warranty for details.

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