Different Types of High-Performance Low-E4® Glass

At Renewal by Andersen, we strive to provide homeowners with a range of window options that match their specific needs. From window style to window features, you can find choices that will help you meet your home improvement goals. 

If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, one particular feature that you need to check is the type of glass you’ll use for your windows. Below are the different types of High-Performance Low-E4® glass offered by Renewal by Andersen.


Low E4 glass is recommended for homes that experience seasonal climates where both heating and cooling costs are a matter of consideration. It offers outstanding performance regardless of season, so it can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This type of glass can also block up to 84% of harmful UV rays.


SmartSun has similar thermal control as tinted glass, while its visible light transmittance is similar to Low-E4 glass. 

SmartSun with HeatLock® Technology

This is typically applied on the room-side surface of windows like double hung windows and others. It is designed to reflect heat back into the home and improve U-factor values.


Sun glass delivers excellent thermal performance, and it also features a subtle tint that blocks more heat from the sun.

Enhanced Triple Pane

An additional pane of glass enables more heat to be kept inside your home while preventing cold air from penetrating your interior. This type of glass is best suited for colder climates.

Enhanced Triple Pane with SmartSun Glass

This basically comes with the same features as the Enhanced Triple Pane but has the added benefits of Low-E4 glass.

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