Factors to Consider When Replacing Windows During Fall

Timing is essential when planning home improvement projects. While some emergency procedures are out of the homeowner’s hands, it’s best to schedule the ones that you can control when weather conditions are optimal. That’s why it’s better to do your window replacement when it’s warm. First, you won’t be letting in chilly drafts that will make you raise the heat—and your energy bill. This is especially true if you’re replacing multiple windows.

Second, caulk adheres better in warm weather than in the cold. Contractors prefer to apply latex caulk only when temperatures range between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure, you can apply silicone in cold weather, but you have to warm it beforehand so that its flow will be smooth and even.

Emergency Replacement in Cold Weather

There are times when you can’t get around a cold-weather installation. For damaged windows, you can’t exactly wait around until spring to put in a new one. But take the following precautions offered by Renewal by Andersen Sacramento, your trusted contractor.

Weather Conditions: Ask Your Contractor to Work When It’s Sunny and Warm

Schedule the job for mid-morning to allow the materials to warm up and expand. Note that some sealants need 24 hours to set before they can get exposed to water. If there’s a recent rain, ask your contractor to let the exterior surface dry before starting. Renewal by Andersen waits for the right conditions when installing double-hung windows.

Materials: Use Silicone-Based Caulk Instead Of Latex or Acrylic

It oftentimes boils down to your choice in materials. Silicone will adhere better in colder temperatures. It also waterproofs and weatherizes better making your HVAC more efficient. Because of its features, you will end up saving money on your energy bills, too.

Movement: Go For Sealant Capable Of High Joint Movement

This is usually shown as a measurement on the bottle. A caulk capable of 25 percent movement will perform better in cold weather than one with only 12 percent. Premier contractors use only the best caulk when installing picture windows.                  

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