Finding the Right Patio Door to Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

Tips for Choosing A Patio Door To Match Your Home's Architectural StyleOur consultants at Renewal by Andersen can guide anyone to the style option best suited for their new patio doors. We have the expertise to offer extensive knowledge about which patio door is right for our customers. Whatever option is selected, we can supply and install a custom patio door to beautify any client’s sanctuary.

Selecting the Style

The first step to choosing the right door is determining which style best matches the architectural design of the home and outdoor space. The available area around the doors is another crucial factor when selecting the door style.
For modern homes with a minimalist style, we recommend contemporary sliding glass doors. This design style emphasizes the view outside and can be customized with wood grain or neutral tones to match any color scheme.
Those with a traditional, timeless style might prefer  Hinged French Doors. This style looks great with brick exteriors or traditional siding, and natural wood grain finishes add a warm touch to the interior of the home. For added functionality, opt for Sliding French Doors to combine the classic look of French doors with the functionality of sliding glass.

Improving Efficiency

Another option to consider is the use of Low-E, or Low Emissivity glass for the patio doors, which will work for nearly any style of door. Low-E glass is coated with a microscopically thin layer of a heat-resisting substance. This efficiency measure is chosen by many homeowners to reduce energy bills and cut down on UV fading of furniture fabric.

With so many options to consider, our team at Renewal by Andersen will guide you through each step to create custom patio doors built just for your home. After enhancing over 300,000 homes, we can bring your custom-made dreams to life, with a warranty transferable if the home is sold to another. Call us at (916) 525-7711 or request a brochure to start on the path to a brighter, more valuable abode.