Four Ways Your New Windows Help You Go Green

With an ever-increasing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions, the demand for options that help homeowners “go green” is at an all-time high. According to our window replacement experts one of the better ways to make your home a bit greener is by getting new windows. Here are the reasons why you repeat after us: “I should replace my windows!”:

New Windows Help You Go Green

1. New Windows Have Fewer Issues

One of the biggest reasons why many households have relatively large carbon footprints is because they use up more energy than they should, particularly when it comes to air conditioning. Old windows tend to have poor insulation, putting more strain on the HVAC. This, in turn, increases your home’s electric consumption. New windows boast better insulation, which reduces your home’s environmental impact.

2. New Windows Have More Efficient Features

Aside from having fewer issues, newer windows also have modern features geared towards going green. Low-E glass greatly reduces the amount of heat that your HVAC has to deal with. Newer frame materials like Fibrex® also boast better thermal resistance compared to regular metal frames. This means upgrading to sliding windows with multiple panes and protective coating is a massive step up from old, rusty, double-hung windows.

3. New Windows Are Low-Maintenance

Many people often forget the environmental impact of window maintenance. Keeping old windows may require application of paint and coating that, when spilled on the ground, could contribute to ground pollution. Fortunately, today’s windows are fairly low-maintenance, and require nothing beyond clean warm water to keep them dirt-free.

4. New Windows Also Reduce Waste

A huge portion of today’s custom windows are made of recycled material. This helps Mother Nature in two ways. First, it means new windows no longer use as much raw materials as before. Second, since windows are recycled, they help reduce the amount of waste that simply end up in landfills. This makes newer windows environmentally friendly from the day they are manufactured to the day they are replaced.

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