French Doors That Offer Class and Sophistication

These days, French doors can offer more than the traditional, handcrafted style that enhances the look of a deck or patio. You can use them to define your style with the touch of elegance that only Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento can provide.

French Doors That Offer Class and Sophistication

We are the exclusive retailers of quality windows and patio doors in Roseville, CA and its surrounding areas. As such, we offer two distinct types of French doors, both of which can grace your home with class and sophistication:

Gliding French Doors

This is perfect for those looking to save space while retaining that beautiful dramatic effect in their homes. Its sliding function makes the indoor and outdoor living spaces feel connected without the need to move your furniture about. You can also use this door-style to open the kitchen to the patio area, so it ties the two spaces together without taking up needless space.

Its main features include:

French door design in a space-saving sliding format with minimal maintenance
Frame comes with a rigid vinyl sheath for a striking appearance
Slides easily on Renewal by Andersen’s high grade track rollers
Reach-out lock system for increased security

Hinged French Doors

This design combines traditional craftsmanship with energy-efficient technology to create a modern classic. The hinges allow the door to swing both outward and inward for easier access to your patio or the exterior. For instance, a pair of French doors opening from the bedroom onto the balcony can bring the outdoors inside.

The main features of our hinged French doors in Roseville, CA include:

Traditional wide panel stile and rail construction with mortise-and-tenon joints
Stainable oak, pine, maple, or prefinished white interior
Several grille options to match or change the look of your home
Exterior wood door panels come with a urethane base finish for extra protection
5-point locking system to improve energy efficiency and provide extra security

Contact Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento today to discuss the best type for different areas of your home. Wherever you install them, you can be sure to enjoy that distinct class and sophistication in your home. We also offer one of the strongest limited warranties you will ever find. Call us at (916) 389-2000 or fill out our Request an Estimate form to schedule a FREE in-home estimate.