Getting a Window Replacement Price Quote

window replacement price quote

Whether it’s mold, rot, condensation, rattling, aging or plain old ugliness, opting to replace your home’s windows or doors is a big decision. At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we take the worry out of the process by offering free consultations—in the comfort of your home—to all prospective customers. Here are answers to common questions on what to expect during this first step of the process.

Can I get a window replacement price quote over the phone?

Because Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento is a longstanding member of the Better Business Bureau, we provide all price quotes in writing following a visit to your home (in adherence to their guidelines), so call (916) 525-7711 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. With 100 years of customer service under our belts, expect to receive a detailed and accurate price quote from America’s most recognized window experts to help inform your decision.

What factors affect a window replacement price quote for my home?

The price of any Renewal by Andersen window depends on the make, model and color of your preference. It also depends on the number of windows you install in the various rooms throughout your home as well as the sizes of those windows—along with the composition and the condition of your current window frames—all affecting our installation process. By scheduling a free, in-home consultation, we’re able to simplify the process by coming to you AND streamline your price quote.

What is the average price for home window and door replacement?

The cost of home window and door replacement depends on the exact product you chose, and every window and door is custom designed and installed for its opening. As soon as one of our design consultants inspects the composition and the condition of your existing windows, we’ll be able to give you an exact price, but because the number of home windows and doors vary throughout the Greater Sacramento Area, there’s no way to calculate an “average price.” But for city- or region-specific information on the current costs of home remodeling projects, browse the 2016 Cost Vs. Value Report and select “home window replacement.”

How long does the process to acquire a window price quote take?

We understand that your free time is extremely limited, especially during the work/school week! Which is why we pride ourselves on our scheduling flexibility for free consults with potential customers, which take less time than a visit to our showroom. We can arrive in the morning, afternoon or evening—working around your conflicts—and provide answers to everyone’s questions as well as collect all product, measurement and installation information. We believe that by investing just 60-90 minutes in a consultation with one of our trusted professionals, you will ultimately save time and money and be able to reach a confident decision.

Do you provide window financing options?

Most of our customers didn’t put money aside for a “rainy day” window replacement fund, they saved for family vacations and special occasions just like the rest of us. With this in mind, it’s very common for people not to pay upfront when they purchase Renewal by Andersen windows and doors. The good news is that we provide affordable ways to buy our products using the energy savings from your old windows—and there’s a good chance that keeping your current windows is costing you more money than it would to replace them. And don’t forget, we offer seasonal specials that reduce the costs of home window replacement and installation.

Rest assured, our combined professional installation experience, energy-efficient product selections and limited warranty result in unmatched customer satisfaction—collectively known as our Signature Service guarantee. Contact us today to set up a free, initial consultation to get the most accurate window replacement price quote for your home.