Going Green: Simple Ways to Join In on the Eco-Friendly Trend

The eco-friendly trend has been gaining traction among homeowners. More than just being a trend for the environmentally conscious, going green has practical benefits. You don’t need a major overhaul to join in on the trend, however. 

With just a few steps, you can reduce your household’s impact on the environment. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, your go-to company for patio doors, lists some of them below.  

Conserve Water 

With water shortages becoming increasingly common, it’s important to reduce wasteful water consumption. You can never underestimate the impact you can make in this area, especially with the EPA estimating that the average American family, consisting of two adults and a child, uses 300 gallons of water per day. 

Something as simple as cutting the time spent in the shower, the third largest water guzzler in the average household, can make a big difference. A quick shower playlist is a fun way of keeping track of your shower time. 

Maximize Natural Lighting 

Opening the curtains instead of switching on a light bulb can help reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention your power bill. Besides, there’s just no substitute for natural light, which can brighten the mood in a room and even make it seem bigger. 

If, however, the layout of your home isn’t designed to fully take advantage of natural lighting, consider installing a door with a wide glass area, like sliding french doors

Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows 

You can only do so much with minor lifestyle changes, however. If you want to fully commit to the green trend — and enjoy all the benefits that come with it — consider installing energy-efficient doors or windows. They can help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home while keeping costs to a minimum. 

From patio doors to hinged french doors, Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento offers a wide range of energy efficient doors and windows that come in a variety of styles and designs. To schedule a free consultation, call us at (916) 226-3359 or leave us a message on this form. We serve homeowners in Roseville, CA.