Halloween Window Decoration Ideas


witch on broomstick silhouetteThis Halloween, make the most of your home windows and doors by decorating them with some spooktacular options. At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we really take community involvement to heart and make a point to decorate our own home windows. Whether family friendly or scary enough to spook even adults, each year we use the following Halloween window decoration ideas to really highlight the month of October and make trick-or-treating something special for everyone.

Window Silhouettes

What better way to make use of colored construction paper than by creating Halloween silhouettes! From ghosts and witches to black cats and owls, there are endless ideas to create an unforgettable window silhouette. To start, print and cut out the silhouette stencil you’ve chosen. Tape the stencil to construction paper, poster paper, stationary, etc. Trace and cut along the edges. To avoid tape marks on the glass, measure the size of your windowpane and tape clear wax paper to the frame. Then tape your silhouettes anywhere on your window and poof! You’ve got yourself some eye-catching window silhouettes.

halloween window decoration ideas

Spooky Candles

If you’re looking for a simpler approach, place spooky colored LED candles in black or clear candleholders on your window ledge at night. You could even light a red candle and let the wax drip onto the LED taper to create the appearance of blood. Out of all the Halloween window decoration ideas, this one usually comes in first. And to make this even simpler, purchase LED candles that have timers or a remote control so that they turn off on their own once the night is over.

Spider, Rat, Bat and Crow Valances

Another easy decorating option includes buying lace or tool fabric a bit longer than the length of your window and at least a foot in width. Using glue, string or tape, attach plastic or paper spiders, bats, rats or crows to the fabric. Either hang as a valance above the window or let the fabric drape slightly beneath the top of your window frame to create a look that can be enjoyed both inside your home and by outside passersby.

halloween window decoration ideas 3Spider Webs and Cobwebs

For families with young children, making spider webs out of pipe cleaners is a fun and easy activity to help get the kids in the Halloween spirit. Start by choosing one color for your pipe cleaners and then forming one into a circle. Then attach up to five pipe cleaners to that circle extending outwards. Attach each of the ends of these pipe cleaners to the next using another ring of pipe cleaners. Add another five or so pipe cleaners to that circle, again extending outwards until the web is big enough to fill a good portion of your window. Secure using either tape or glue dots. Top off with fake cobwebs, which can be purchased at any party store, by stretching them around the web for an additionally spooky effect.

halloween window decoration ideas 2Jack-O-Lanterns or Painted Pumpkins

For windows with large sills, this Halloween decoration idea is a perfect option and doesn’t require any tape or glue. Start by covering your workspace with newspaper and then sketching a face. From here, you can either carve the pumpkin face out using a knife and place a candle inside the hollowed pumpkin, or paint over your sketched face using a variety of Halloween colors. If you decide on a jack-o-lantern, next cut a hole around the stem. Scoop out the seeds and pulp, then place on your windowsill for a spooktacular orange decoration!

Halloween Posters

If finding enough time to create the above decorations is unlikely, but you still want to make the most of the holiday using one of our Halloween window decoration ideas, simply tape some Halloween window posters to the inside pane facing out. You can also tape wax paper to the window frame first to avoid sticky markings on the glass itself. Think ghosts, werewolves, zombies, mummies, witches on brooms, or a spooky Halloween moon. The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of online posters available for purchase.