Hinged or Sliding Patio Doors: Which One Should You Choose?

Patio doors are a great investment for any home. Not only do they bridge your interior and exterior spaces, but they also add appeal to your home. You have to choose between two types, though: sliding and the classic hinged patio door.

Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, your local door contractor, discusses how to choose between the two.

Consider the Architectural Style

Be mindful of the architectural style of your property as there are doors that fit certain styles better than others. For more traditionally designed homes, French patio doors are the more practical choice as the design of these doors blends perfectly with more ornate architecture.

In contrast, sliding patio doors make better replacement doors for contemporary and ultra-modern homes. The minimalist style of these doors looks too out of place in a traditionally designed home but will appear perfect with the simple architectural style of modern dwellings.

Doors and Space Allowance

You should also consider the space your new patio doors will require. Sliding patio doors don’t require any floor space because they slide open, but they will require more wall space. Because of this, they are ideal for rooms with wide walls but a more restrictive floor space.

Hinged doors don’t have this wall space problem, but they do require more floor space since they swing open. While this isn’t usually an issue since they swing out to the backyard, you still need to allocate ample floor space so they don’t obstruct the space when they are open.

Renewal by Andersen® offers a hybrid patio door style that combines the classy French door design and the modern operability of sliding doors. This is the perfect option if you want the best of both worlds.

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