How Fibrex® Prevents Vinyl Window Issues

If you’re having recurring issues with your vinyl windows, you may want to switch to a better option. Vinyl is a viable choice for a window. However, if not properly maintained, they are prone to have major problems. Fortunately, Fibrex® windows can save you from your inefficient vinyl windows. Read on as specialty windows contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento discusses how Fibrex is the solution to vinyl window issues.

Vinyl Window Issues

On Material

Vinyl windows are made of materials that are more susceptible to damage. They’re sensitive to the sun, moisture and other harmful elements. This makes them require more attention and maintenance in the long run. Vinyl windows are prone to develop damage in fewer than ten years. Meanwhile, Fibrex windows are guaranteed to be more durable than vinyl windows. They are manufactured with only quality and clean materials, using the best wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer. In addition, Fibrex windows are warranted from the initial installation.

On Durability

Fibrex windows are well-known for their durability. They are long-lasting, making them two-times stronger than vinyl windows. Fibrex is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, warp and contract easily under heat or cold. This causes the frame of the windows to tear, compromising your home’s insulation. Vinyl window’s flexibility can also lead to warping. If your vinyl windows are requiring constant repairs due to these issues, it’s best to contact a trusted residential window contractor for Fibrex window replacement.

On Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows equipped with argon gas make them energy-efficient. Unfortunately, because of the window’s sensitivity to warping, the seal tends to break. Letting out and wasting your home’s conditioned air. This contradicts energy-saving by causing your HVAC system to overwork. Save energy and money by upgrading your windows to Fibrex windows. They are tightly sealed and are equipped with thermal insulating properties. This helps maintain your home’s temperature without stressing your HVAC system.

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