How Fibrex® Prevents Window Warping

Windows warping is a common occurrence for a variety of factors. This issue, which affects wood and vinyl windows more frequently, is typically caused by heat and moisture damage. When a window becomes warped, the frame becomes crooked, twisted, or bent out of form. However, how precisely do you prevent this? 

Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, a leading residential window contractor, discusses why windows warp and how our Fibrex® windows may help.

What Causes Warping in Vinyl and Wood Windows?

Warping takes many forms. In some circumstances, the window’s face bends, causing “bowling.” It can also appear “crooked” on the window’s edge. Another type of warping is “twisting” of the window’s edge. Finally, you may notice cup-like warping that stretches inward and outward.

Moisture in your home causes this type of damage. Wood is prone to bending and rotting due to its capacity to absorb moisture. Your window installer will tell you that vinyl windows will warp if overheated or incorrectly installed. Remember that vinyl is a bendable material when heated. The locking mechanism’s force causes bends and bows.

Why Fibrex?

  • Fibrex is constructed of repurposed wood fibers and polymers, so it doesn’t rot. Our specialty windows are less prone to mold and decay due to the non-absorbent material.

  • Unlike vinyl, this sophisticated composite does not expand or compress as much in harsh weather conditions. Your windows will preserve their shape, making them durable. Fibrex also resists cracking, pitting and rust. The material’s hardness enables windows with a better, airtight seal, reducing energy loss.

Other Benefits Of Fibrex

Fibrex’s advantages go beyond warp resistance. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass can make some of the most energy-efficient replacement windows. Not only that. For maximum natural light, we may construct windows with thinner frames and larger panes using Fibrex’s strength and flexibility. A solid 10-year warranty adds to your peace of mind.

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