How Often Should You Get New Windows?

When your windows are experiencing problems or need replacement, you’ll feel and see it. Like your hinged French doors, windows don’t last forever. However, when properly installed and well-maintained, they can last for decades. One of the most frequent questions homeowners ask home improvement experts is how often they should replace their windows. 

Learn the answer to this query from a trusted window company. 

Factor Affecting How Well Windows Age

Frame Material – The frame material of your windows or patio doors can affect the units’ performance and weather resistance. At Renewal by Andersen®, we use Fibrex® material for the frames of our replacement windows. This material offers superior insulation and protection against weather extremes.  

Glass – Windows with low-emissivity coating can minimize heat transfer and protect your home from harmful ultraviolet rays. 

Number of Panes – Single-pane windows aren’t as energy-efficient as multi-pane windows. Windows that have at least two glass panes are usually filled with low-conductive gas, such as argon and krypton. These gases help lower heat transfer and energy costs. 

Signs You Need New Windows

While minor window issues can be repaired, warped or broken sash or frame must be replaced. Even if the windows are still operable now, they’ll eventually develop major problems later. A sudden increase in your energy bills can also indicate that you need new windows. Invest in energy-efficient windows as they can help in reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Moreover, in dual-pane windows, condensation or fogging between the panes is a sign that the seal has broken and moisture has penetrated into the panes. This means that your windows are no longer efficient and can develop problems, such as rot or mold growth. If the condensation on your windows can’t be wiped away from the interior or exterior of your home, it’s best to have them replaced. 

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