How to Match Your Windows to Your Roof

The windows and roof of your home both play major parts in bringing your home’s overall aesthetic appeal together. With that in mind, this makes matching them a vital part of home design. Otherwise, your home can look unsightly and its overall value can suffer. Thankfully, while it’s a difficult task, it is possible to do such a thing.

In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento helps you match your windows to your roofing system.

Determine Your Desired Visual Effect

Color palettes for home exteriors often consist of a field color and two accent colors, one of which is for your doors and the other for your windows. The color of your roof is often considered the field color and as such, you need to pick a color for your sliding or picture windows that contrast with the roof in order for it to stand out more. For instance, if you have a lightly colored roof, consider getting a window with a dark trim to create a crisp and dramatic effect.

Pick the Right Style

Apart from your desired visual effect, you also need to choose the right window style so it’ll match your roof. A good way to accomplish this would be to base your window on the roof’s material and slope. For instance, if you have a slightly pitched metal roof, experts recommend that you choose casement windows as their sleek frames combined with the roof’s neat lines can highlight the aesthetics of your home. Alternatively, if you have a steeper roof, consider installing double-hung windows.

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