How to Tell If Your Window Seals Need Your Attention

Window seals play an important role in keeping your home safe and comfortable. They make sure you don’t feel chilly during a cold winter night. While they are an important window component, they can sometimes be overlooked. How can you tell if your seals are failing?

Window Seals Need Your Attention

As the leading provider of quality casement windows in the region, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento can help. If you’re experiencing any or all of the following problems, then you may have issues with your window seals.

  • Drafts – A drafty window is not always something to worry about. When drafts persist and gets worse over time, though, it is often due to a broken seal. With that in mind, it is best to hire an expert to conduct a thorough inspection of your windows so that you can determine the real culprit behind the drafts. In most scenarios, a window replacement is usually the most sensible solution.

  • Condensation – Condensation is often the result of a damaged window seal. It usually occurs when a window is forced to deal with a constant or increased rate of expansion and contraction. As with doors, windows are generally designed to expand and contract as temperatures change. If the fluctuations become more constant, however, they can put a strain on the seal and create small fractures. When this happens, contact your go-to residential window contractor right away to address this problem.

  • Glass Distortion – You should also watch out for distortion in the glass. If your double-pane windows are filled with argon or krypton gas, a bow in the middle may occur when gas leaks out. This is a clear sign that your seal is no longer functioning as it should.

Need a professional to install new casement windows? Turn to Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento. We can properly identify if you’re dealing with a broken seal or if you have other issues with your windows. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling us at (916) 226-3359 or by completing our contact form. We serve homeowners in Davis, CA, and the surrounding areas.