Ideas to Consider When Decorating Patio Doors With Curtains

Adding curtains to your patio doors adds style and a sense of softness to the entire fixture. For this to be visually appealing, though, you have to take a good look around your interior. Certain furnishings will serve as clues to the best type of curtain style and color. Of course, you’d have to consider the curtain that would accommodate your personal preferences and the existing door features.

Local home remodeling company Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento offers some of the best ideas for decorating patio doors with curtains.

Keeping It Simple

Apart from being decorative, hanging your choice of curtains on your patio doors also make the latter functional. If you have attached curtain rods on the top and bottom of the French doors, make sure to also slide a shirred curtain over the rods. This way, the curtains won’t get caught in the doorway when the doors are in operation.

Establishing Privacy

When you select your curtains for your patio doors, be sure that they can provide a great deal of privacy. Sheer curtains, which are lightweight and transparent, don’t protect your interior from prying eyes, though they allow natural light to brighten up the whole space. Tapestry and suede are otherwise heavy fabrics that not only provide better privacy but also increase your home’s energy efficiency thanks to how they insulate.

Generating Harmony Within the Interior

With the right curtain style and design, you can boost a dull space and bring all the features of your interior together. For a more contemporary feel, choose window coverings with bold stripes, geometric figures, and other notable graphic patterns. Curtains such as white or silky black fabric impart a luxurious look that fits well with traditional interior design.

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