Low-E Glass: How Does it Work for Your Windows?

Homeowners choose to replace their windows for a number of reasons. It could be lack of insulation, or a major damage that affects their functionality and look. One of the top reasons, however, has to do with energy efficiency.

Low-E Glass: How Does it Work for Your Windows?

As the largest component of your windows, glass plays a key role in maintaining their energy efficiency. When it comes to being energy-efficient, many homeowners turn to low-E glass. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the leading commercial and residential window contractor in Davis, CA, discusses its significant features.

What is Low-E Glass?

Short for Low-Emissivity glass, this contains a microscopically thin metallic oxide layer placed on the surface of the glass panes. Emissivity refers to the ability of a material to reflect or reradiate energy. With low-E glass as part of your window, you can improve the interior atmosphere, as it prevents unwanted heat from entering your home.

How Does Low-E Glass Work?

To understand the process, it’s important to understand the energy coming from the sun, also known as the solar energy spectrum. Sunlight entering your window can fall into three categories, depending on their wavelength:

• Ultraviolet (UV) light – This is responsible for the fading and discoloration of your furniture and fabrics. UV light has wavelengths of 310-380 nanometers.
• Visible light – This part of the spectrum has wavelengths of between 380 and 780 nanometers.
• Infrared light – Also called heat energy, it begins at wavelengths of 780 nanometers. You can classify it as short-wave or long-wave, depending on the range of its wavelength.

Visible light is the natural light you see that enters your home and the part of the spectrum that you do want. UV light and infrared, however, are responsible for heating up your home unnecessarily. Low-E glass works by limiting the amount of infrared and UV light that passes through your home while allowing the entrance of visible light.

Our Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento understands the importance of energy efficiency to your home. That is why, through our innovative materials and processes, we provide windows built for maximum energy-saving performance. These contain High-Performance™ Low-E® glass, which is more energy efficient during summer and winter than ordinary dual panel glass. Not only can you keep your home comfortable, as you can also save of your utility bills. These windows are available in many colors and styles, including picture, double-hung, and casement windows in Davis, CA.

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