Maintenance Tips for Your Casement Windows

It’s normal to encounter problems with your casement windows over time. Typically, as they age, their mechanism becomes rusty or poorly lubricated making it difficult to close the windows tight. But believe it or not, these issues can easily be prevented through regular care and maintenance.

Maintenance Tips for Your Casement Windows

Keeping your casement windows in good condition shouldn’t be a complicated task. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, a local company specializing in windows and patio doors, shares three maintenance tips for your casement windows.

Ensure the Crank Is Operating Smoothly

If operating the crank mechanism of your casement window requires more effort than it used to, applying lubricant at the base of the crank handle might just do the trick. Make sure the lubricant seeps into the gears and you also apply lubricant from outside into the track where the control arm slides. Open and close the window to ensure the lubricant is distributed evenly.

Call on Experts to Carry Out Glass Repairs

Cloudy or cracked glass should be replaced by professionals to ensure safety. One mistake in handling glass can result in an accident, so it’s best to leave this task to those who have the proper skills and tools. Take note, however, that cloudiness typically occurs due to moisture and condensation. Consult with a glass or window specialist so they can give you specific advice on how you can prevent this from happening again. With their expertise in doors like hinged French doors and windows like casement windows, Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento can surely help you with this.

Consider Weatherstripping to Prevent Drafts

Weatherstripping may not give your windows the best look, but it’s very helpful in closing gaps and preventing drafts. It’s common for wooden windows to warp after several years, making it difficult for them to close all the way. This gap usually makes the room colder and results in condensation, which consequently makes the warping worse.

Whether you need a professional to install sliding French doors or casement windows, Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento will ensure quality workmanship for you. Call us at (916) 226-3359 or fill out our contact form to schedule an in-home consultation. We offer our services to clients in Roseville, CA, and nearby areas.