What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient windows not only save you money on your electric bill each month, but they also help protect the environment. What makes these windows so great at saving energy? Let’s take a closer look at how your windows prevent heat and cooling loss.

State-of-the-Art Materials

Our Fibrex frames and sashes are manufactured using the most advanced materials available. They are not only more durable than aluminum, vinyl, wood, or fiberglass, but they also provide a significant improvement in insulation. Fibrex frames are made of a composite material that contains 46 percent reclaimed wood fiber, which helps cut down on waste in the environment.

Our SmartSun high-performance glass used in our energy efficient windows offers further cost-cutting benefits. With two panes of Low-E4 glass, your windows are optimized for thermal performance. A low conductivity spacer, constructed of stainless steel, separates the panes and resists heat transfer up to five times more efficiently than aluminum spacers. For even more protection, a special glass coating is applied to the exterior glass to help keep heat inside during winter and cool air inside in the summer.

Professional Installation

The final component to increased energy efficiency includes a proper installation. Even high-tech windows will underperform if installed incorrectly. Our custom-made replacement windows are constructed to precisely fit each opening in your home. Additionally, our installers ensure that each flashing is cut correctly, the proper sealant is used, and spaces between the window and rough openings are sufficiently insulated. This is why we can back our windows with an industry-leading warranty that covers not just the windows, but the installation as well.

Home Investment That Makes Sense

The U.S. Department of Energy asserts that approximately one-third of homeowners’ money spent on heating and cooling is lost through inefficient windows and doors. With the cost of living steadily rising, it is more important than ever to cut costs where possible. That is what makes energy efficient windows such a great investment. Get started today and schedule a free consultation online with Renewal by Andersen.