Managing the Mess During Window Replacement

Getting new windows for your home involves a lot of work, materials and debris. Because of this, a typical window replacement project can get very messy. Fortunately, there are several things that can be done before, during and after the project to make the mess a lot more manageable.


Professional windows installation


Move Furniture Away


If you have any pieces of furniture placed near the wall, make sure you move them a few feet away from the site where your new windows will be installed. This way, you won’t have to worry about dealing with screws or splinters getting stuck in your furniture and debris near the work area can be swept clean without too much hindrance.


Tarps or Drop Cloth


Tarps or drop cloths placed over the area immediately next to the work area will catch most of the debris that will fall off when work starts on your new double-hung windows. This helps reduce the amount of debris that has to be picked up manually once the work is over. The cloth can be picked up along with the mess for easy disposal later on.


Clearing the Foliage


Sometimes, shrubs or tall grass could get in the way of the people working on your new windows. To make things worse, these plants can also trap debris, making cleanup more difficult. Experts strongly advise having nearby foliage trimmed, preferably a few days before work on your new windows start.


Mind Your Pets


Do you want to get your new picture windows installed ASAP? You better make sure your pets are properly secured. Aside from potentially getting in the way of the window contractors, the pets can also knock over things or carry debris away from the work area, making cleanup more difficult in the process.


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