Mid-Century Modern Style: Recommended Window Styles

The mid-century modern architectural style is making a comeback, and with it comes replacement windows that evoke open living spaces. In this blog, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento discusses the window styles that look great for this architectural style.

Mid-Century Modern Style: Recommended Window Styles

Elements of Mid-Century Modern Homes

Mid-century modern homes are a combination of modern styles prevalent between 1940 to 1975, particularly after World War II. Along with the baby boom came homeowners who wanted open living spaces, a departure from the prevalent ornamented traditional home styles of the time. Homeowners wanted a functional aesthetic that offered a clean and simple look, and this was reflected in the choice of materials, decor and furniture.

Home remodeling plans were, therefore, centered on “form follows function”. Understated lines with minimal ornamentation resulted in uncluttered aesthetics. Traditional building materials such as wood are juxtaposed with non-traditional ones like vinyl, metal and lucite. While the use of certain plastics (and certain color palettes) may be frowned upon today, the good elements of mid-century modern homes are now being revived.

Recommended Window Styles

Mid-century modern homes need window styles that connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Picture windows are the best windows for such a requirement. The lack of a moving sash allows more glass per window, which lets lots of natural light in. it also captures a great view. For rooms that require regular ventilation, casement windows are perfect. The single-sash design doesn’t have anything that might obstruct the view yet allows ventilation by simply cranking the window open.

Thanks to the inherent strength of our exclusive Fibrex® material, we can build slimmer frames—therefore bigger glass areas—without compromising structural integrity and performance. If you are worried about the solar heat or UV rays that come with direct sunlight, our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass packages feature low-emissivity coatings that selectively block unwanted parts of sunlight. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are custom-built to your design specifications, which may just be the authentic touch that your mid-century modern home needs.

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