National vs. Local Window Contractors

Replacing your windows and patio doors is serious business, and it often is for contractors who are vying for your attention. As you will likely discover, some are local contractors while others are national brands. Common consumer wisdom dictates that the more customers a contractor has, the better off you will be, but is this still true in 2020?


In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento shares whether you should choose a national brand over a local one—or if there’s actually a better way.

Local vs. National

Local contractors often have local reach and smaller size, but this works to their advantage. Most are family businesses and will often be your neighbor. This makes them knowledgeable of local trends and aware of your needs at a more personal level than national brands, which are often far removed from the action on the ground.

That said, installing specialty windows and hinged French doors still need experience and certification. Watch out for companies that you barely know or are too new to the field. Leverage local knowledge; if your neighbors don’t know them, avoid them.

On the other hand, national companies offer well-known products that are known to work for a range of families, house types, and regions. While they may have their own share of unsatisfied customers, this is merely a matter of statistical probability as they serve more customers than local ones ever will. Plus, they also offer the best (and understandably most expensive) products for all your needs.

The Renewal by Andersen Difference

At Renewal by Andersen, our company structure allows us to retain the national-brand level of product quality while letting local distributors act as their own “company”—in effect, our local face. Our parent company is, in fact, the Andersen Corporation, which is known nationally for their great window products and sliding French doors.

At Renewal by Andersen, we’re proud to offer the best of both worlds: the quality of a national brand paired with the local touch. To experience this yourself, call us today at (916) 779-5800. We serve Roseville, CA, and nearby areas.