New Windows: What’s a Good SHGC Rating For Them?

If you’re getting new windows for your home this season, then you’ve probably come across the term ‘solar heat gain coefficient’ as you do your research. Solar heat gain coefficient (or SHGC) refers to the amount of solar radiation admitted through your windows–either directly transmitted or absorbed–and released as heat inside your home. Whether you’re picking casement or double hung windows, you’ll need to take into account their SHGC rating.

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But what exactly is a good SHGC rating for your new windows? The trusted window replacement company, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, answers this here.

It All Depends on Your Location

Windows with a low SHGC rating transmit only a small amount of solar heat. On the other hand, those with a higher number admits considerably more solar radiation into your home. Whether or not you should choose windows with a low or high SHGC rating will mostly depend on the area you live in. For instance:

  • Windows with a high SHGC rating are a better choice in colder regions. That’s because homes in heating-dominated Northern climates will benefit more from windows that can maximize the warmth generated by sunlight. Windows with high SHGC rating can help warm the home naturally, reducing the homeowner’s reliance on a heating system. To detail, choose replacement windows that have an SHGC rating of about 0.30 up to 0.60.

  • Windows with a lower SHGC rating work best in warm climates. This is especially true in Southern regions, where there’s a need to keep the home cool for longer periods because of the warm weather. Windows with an SHGC rating less than 0.27 are a good option in these areas.

The North and Midwest regions, which have mixed climates, use both heating and cooling (although cooling is used less often). Picking windows with an SHGC rating less than 0.40 are best here. Those living in the South and Central regions, (which also have mixed climates) would benefit more from windows that have an SHGC rating of less than 0.30.

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