Patio Door Security for Your Home

patio door securityWith the Northern California sun out and temperatures rising, it’s normal to come and go through your patio doors each day. But once you’ve tucked the kids into bed and locked your home up for the night, can you be sure your patio door security will hold up?

For this reason, we’ve designed our Renewal by Andersen patio doors with a variety of security measures in place. These doors meet the specific needs of your family for decades. Unlike standard hollow-core sliding doors, each Andersen patio door boasts a solid engineered wood core frame that is stronger, heavier and more resistant to impact. And you can thank Fibrex® construction for their lasting performance.

Take our French patio doors. Their five-point locking systems add security by pulling the door panel into the jamb. This creates a weathertight, sealed fit that also brings energy efficiency. These doors even come with an optional handle extension kit that provides additional clearance for interior blinds and shades. Moreover, our sliding and contemporary patio doors come with an optional auxiliary foot lock for increased security when you lock the door. This auxiliary lock can even hold the operating panel partially open.

Finally, each and every patio door provides exceptional acoustic insulation, thermal performance and structural stability. We even offer exterior key locks for all of our patio doors. From secure locking systems to additional patio door security measures to a variety of sliding and hinged patio door hardware styles, our patio doors come second to none for security, durability and energy efficiency.

To learn how to utilize our patio door security system technology, watch this video.