Preventing Mold Growth on Windowsills

Preventing Mold Growth on Windowsills
Preventing the formation of mold on windowsills is easier than having to remove some types of mold. Mold stain and rot can destroy windowsills, and when ignored or left untreated, it also can become a health hazard to the occupants of a home. Read on to learn more about the importance of preventing mold from forming on windowsills.

The Causes of Windowsill Mold

Moisture breeds mold, and the primary cause of its presence on windowsills is leaky windows or the accumulation of moist air—or condensation—around the windows in the absence of adequate air circulation in the home. Among the causes of condensation near windows is the entry of humid air from outdoors, moisture from a bathroom, the kitchen, and leaks in plumbing.

How to Prevent Mold

Regularly inspecting particular areas of a home where moisture occurs is the first step toward avoiding the potentially expensive and unhealthy problems created by mold. Repair any cracked window panes or leaks in weather stripping that may allow condensation to gather around windows and on the sills. Place a dehumidifier in a room that collects moisture and any others with poor air circulation. Set the thermostat to 70 degrees and the fan to “auto” to ensure a consistent flow of air. Keep all windows and doors closed while leaving all ceiling or floor vents open.

Monitoring Condensation

Run a finger along all the windowsills to check for moisture, especially during the warmer months, and clean sills regularly with a wet sponge and a fresh, dry cloth. At the first hint of mold, quickly clean the area with hot soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly. If signs of mold persist, wipe down the area with equal parts bleach and water, rinse, and dry. Repeat the process if necessary, and keep an attentive eye on the area.

Green and Black Mold

Once mold spores have formed on either painted or stained wood windowsills, they are vulnerable to rotting and potential replacement. While green mold is fairly common in homes and easily removed, black mold is another story. Black mold can leave stains on windowsills, a musty odor throughout the home, and the potential for creating health problems. If black mold is not promptly and efficiently removed, then it may require the attention of a professional.

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