How To Protect Furniture from Sun Damage

protect furniture from sun damageHave you noticed your furniture starting to fade in color and quality? With modern homes designed to invite more natural light into rooms than ever before, your wood and leather furniture as well as drapes, upholstery, artwork and floor coverings are undoubtedly the worse for wear. This is due to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun passing through your windows and breaking down the chemical bonds in your home furnishings. Learn how to protect furniture from sun damage in this post.

At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, our windows block out 95% of damaging UV rays from entering your home through our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ Glass, which comes standard. These windows also lead the U.S. market in energy savings thanks to ENERGY STAR® window certification. Finally, they’re 70% more efficient in summer and 45% more efficient in winter. That’s the perfect pairing to withstand Northern California’s scorching summers and cold, wet winters.

However, even if you have not yet installed Renewal by Andersen replacement windows (and patio doors!), you can still protect furniture from sun damage by following these simple guidelines.

Protect wood furniture and floors with sealants.

learn to protect furniture from sun damageYou can protect furniture from sun damage, heat and even everyday wear using a water-based varnish. This sealant comes in a variety of finishes. It is typically applied as a topcoat for wood furniture and damaged floors. Just apply with a brush and allow for the proper drying time, about 24 hours. Another great option is lacquer. Once applied, it quickly dissolves into its previous coat and creates a gloss finish. This makes it ideal for polishing and repairing recurring scratches or scuff marks. Just make sure to avoid using lacquer on coarse woods, like oak, and soft woods, like cedar.

Reposition rugs and furniture, and don’t let fabrics fade.

To avoid outlines on carpets and wood floors, make a point to reposition rugs and furniture to new locations. This will even out the effects of excessive sunlight. It will also help maintain the color and quality of both your rugs and floors in addition to lengthening their lifespans. Most people don’t realize that fabrics made of acrylic, polyester and vinyl withstand regular sunlight much better than those made of linen or silk. So if you notice the latter fading, try to reposition out of direct sunlight ASAP.

Remember to use a leather conditioner.

To maintain the leather pieces in your home, use a leather conditioner in spring and fall to help prevent drying and cracking during summer and winter. But make sure to select a conditioner specifically formulated to preserve furniture by buffing the product into the leather. If the sun has already gotten the better of your leather’s color and feel, consider a color refresh product. Just buff it into the leather to create a fresh new look.

And if you decide you’d rather invest in replacement windows and patio doors instead of forgoing on the quality of your home furnishings—or having to replace them—schedule a free, in-home consultation. This will help determine which windows, frames and patio doors are the best complement to your home’s indoor-outdoor flow.