Quick Fall Window Cleaning Checklist

Ensuring all the windows in your home are clean can be taxing at times, but the rewards are worth the effort. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the area’s top residential window contractor, shares a quick fall window cleaning checklist for your reference.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

The more often you clean, the easier it is to keep your windows clean. This is because windows that are oftentimes left alone will accumulate dirt on the glass. The dirt gets stuck on the glass and it can be difficult to remove, even with soap and water. Make sure that you keep your windows clean by following a regular cleaning routine so that you only have to clean dirt that hasn’t settled. You can simply remove it using a garden hose.

Don’t Clean During Sunny Days

When the sun dries the water on your windows, hard water stains that form on the glass can prove difficult to remove. Make sure that you remove the water using a squeegee and wipe it down using a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching the glass surface.

Don’t Use Abrasives

Moving on from the previous point, scrub pads used to remove tough dirt can scratch your window glass. If soapy water can’t cut through the dirt, try adding white vinegar or ammonia to the solution and try again. Don’t apply ammonia or white vinegar without diluting it with water since it can damage some parts of the window.

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