3 Tips To Reduce Summer Cooling Costs

Tips to reduce summer cooling costs
Are you looking for easy ways to make it through the upcoming Northern California heat without breaking the bank? Our window and patio door experts at Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento recommend the following methods to reduce summer cooling costs without installing replacement windows or patio doors. Although that is a great way to reap energy savings year round! Read on for our best tips and tricks to ensuring your home and family stay comfortable this summer. Or, schedule a no hassle, no obligation free consult to learn how you can secure homeowner energy savings for decades to come.

Tip 1: Switch on your ceiling or circulating fans.

Thanks to wind-chill, rooms that run a ceiling or circulating fan can feel nearly 10 degrees cooler. Even though the temp hasn’t actually dropped, the wind effect makes all rooms feel more comfortable and cooled. This includes bedrooms. One of the easiest ways to reduce summer cooling costs is simply by running ceiling or circulating fans while you sleep. As a result, you won’t need to program your AC to a setting that’s much lower than the outside temp. Finally, combining a ceiling or circulating fan with your AC will help disperse chilled air. And if your home is well insulated, this cooling affect should outlast even the hottest part of the day.

Tip 2: Program your thermostat to match your schedule.

By programming your thermostat to increase your home’s temperature when you’re out of the house or sleeping, you can reduce summer cooling costs by almost 10 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A good rule of thumb is to keep the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures at a minimum during the summer. By programming your AC around your schedule, maintaining your home’s temperature becomes manageable—plus sees you savings. And don’t forget: Dirty AC filters in need of replacement block airflow and make AC units expend more energy to cool your home. So replace AC filters before the summer season!

Tip 3: Save tasks that generate heat for mornings and evenings.

Tips to reduce summer cooling costsOne of the best ways to reduce summer cooling costs is simply by avoiding heating up your home! With this in mind, plan on using the oven or stove when the outside temperate is cooler than the indoor temp. In addition, this logic applies to running the dishwasher or dryer. What better excuse for dusting off the outdoor grill and having a family cookout in the backyard! Moreover, try not to expend too much energy inside your house during the day. Using laptops and TVs, even showering or taking a bath during peak temperature times, can wreak havoc on monthly utility bills. Rather, save using electronics, gas and electricity for early and after hours, at least during the week.

Because energy costs continue to rise nationwide, our energy efficient windows and patio doors are designed to reduce Northern California energy bills throughout the year. Find out what our satisfied customers are saying about the energy savings they’re seeing on their replacement windows and patio doors.