Revisiting the Remarkable Benefits of French Doors

Doors bring your home a variety of important benefits, and are one of the components that visitors and passersby alike see first. French doors, in particular, are a favorite among many homeowners. Hinged or sliding French doors in Roseville, CA, can help transform the look of your home in an instant! They are a great way to enhance the overall design of your exterior as well as your interior.

French doors offer these benefits and more.

• Improved ventilation and lighting. One of the greatest things about French doors is that they allow more natural air and light in, which is good for both your health and living space.

• Visual impact. French doors are popular because of their elegant and classic appeal. Nowadays, though, some are designed to be decidedly modern. Both styles have the ability to complement the overall architectural design of your home.

• Better viewing. French doors function like windows in that they provide better views. Not only can they bring the outdoors in, but they can also be opened so you can have immediate access to the outdoors.

• Energy efficiency. With major advancements in the home improvement industry, energy efficiency has been incorporated into most home components. Andersen® hinged French doors are specially designed to increase energy efficiency and help you reduce energy consumption.

• Illusion of space. Our French doors are aesthetically pleasing and make a room look expansive without actually taking up space. Not all doors can do the same.

Here at Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, we have a unique take on the traditional French door. Our Andersen gliding French doors combine sophistication with all the space-saving features of sliding patio doors in Roseville, CA. You can enjoy the unique features of our French doors for decades as they come with one of the strongest limited warranties available. To learn more about their benefits, just give us a call at (916) 389-2000.