Should All Your Windows Match?

From capturing beautiful views to letting in copious amounts of sunlight, windows are a significant part of your day-to-day living. However, windows—particularly their style and placement—also greatly influence how well your home looks to the outside world. In this article, a top-rated residential window contractor in California discusses whether or not you should match all your exterior windows.

matching windows

The Front Doesn’t Have to Affect Other Sides of the House

The front of the home should look inviting and pleasing to visitors and perhaps even reveal the character of the residents. For many homeowners, that means a traditional and symmetrical approach, especially in a neighborhood where a specific architecture is mandated by code. However, the pattern of windows does not necessarily have to be duplicated on all the other sides of the exterior. An important thing to remember, according to casement windows installers, is to keep the treatment of windows consistent, including the basic type, trim and grille patterns. This is to avoid having an uncoordinated look. For example, a plate-glass window placed next to a double-hung, eight-over-eight Colonial window may give a disjointed impression to onlookers.

The Mix and Match of Window Styles

The primary point of the mix-and-match approach is to implement various functions and operating styles. It does not mean your exterior windows have to appear dissimilar. Fortunately, many window manufacturers have consistent materials, colors, textures and other options across window styles. While it is not necessary for every window unit to sport the same materials or design, make sure to select combinations that create one cohesive look.

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